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KONOPEX once again opens the door to the world of cannabis. The seventh annual cannabis festival will take place on April 26–28, 2024, in the Triple Hall Karolina complex in the center of Ostrava (Czech Republic) and will present the hemp plant in many areas of its universal use.

Exhibitions dedicated to cannabis and related products will be prepared. Cannabis seeds and seedlings with high CBD/CBDV, growing indoor or outdoor equipment, but also exhibitors focusing on cosmetics, food, or testing or processing not only cannabis but also other medicinal herbs. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the manufacturers in person and entrust your questions to professionals.

Fans of solvent or solventless extraction, vaporization, and various smoking needs will also be delighted. From premium papers and smart filters to elaborate and handmade rigs and other necessary and additional accessories for dabbing.

You will learn a lot of interesting information and news about the processing and use of cannabis in self-medication and medical practice, food, food supplements, construction, industry, and veterinary medicine. You can also look forward to an accompanying program including lectures, discussions, conferences, and a cannabis exchange. Last but not least, workshops, competitions, and after-parties will also be prepared.

See you!

Trade show description

How were the previous years?

Look at the history of the KONOPEX Expo with us.

KONOPEX Expo 2023

6th annual, 21–23 April
⟰ Triple Hall Karolina, Sports Hall

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KONOPEX Expo 2022

5th annual, 22–24 April
⟰ Triple Hall Karolina, Sports Hall

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Covid 2021

The 5th annual was canceled again. The never-ending changes in government regulations and social uncertainty still do not allow any public events to take place.

KONOPEX Expo 2020

We were forced to cancel the 5th annual event less than two months before the event. Due to the uncertainty of future government measures on COVID-19.

KONOPEX Expo 2019

4th annual, 19–21 April
⟰ Dolní oblast Vítkovice, Brick House and Old boiler House

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KONOPEX Expo 2018

3rd annual, 20–22 April
⟰ Dolní oblast Vítkovice, Brick House and Old boiler House

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KONOPEX Expo 2017

2nd annual, 21–23 April
⟰ Dolní oblast Vítkovice, Gallery Gong

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KONOPEX Expo 2016

1st annual, 6–8 May
⟰ Exhibition center Černá louka

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heartthrobs fighters great top the best
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The beer is awesome 😋
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the best the best event far and wide
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I can't fault anything, top event
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Great event, I haven't missed a year yet, I highly recommend it!🙂
Ája Jaroslava Dvořáková
I would like to thank Paul for taking care of me when I had questions about cannabis, I really appreciate it 🙂🍀