Cannabis Fair and Festival

26. - 28. 4. 2024


Trade show description

KONOPEX once again opens the door to the world of cannabis. The seventh annual cannabis festival will take place on 26–28 April 2024 in the Triple Hall Karolina complex in the center of Ostrava (Czech Republic) and will present the hemp plant in many areas of its universal use.

Exhibitions dedicated to cannabis and related products will be prepared. Cannabis seeds and seedlings with high CBD/CBDV, growing indoor or outdoor equipment, but also exhibitors focusing on cosmetics, food or testing or processing not only cannabis, but also other medicinal herbs. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the manufacturers in person and entrust your questions to professionals.

Fans of solvent or solventless extraction, vaporization and various smoking needs will also be delighted. From premium papers, smart filters to elaborate and handmade rigs and other necessary and additional accessories for dabbing.

You will learn a lot of interesting information and news about the processing and use of cannabis in self-medication and medical practice, food, food supplements, construction, industry and veterinary medicine. You can also look forward to an accompanying program including lectures, discussions, conferences and a cannabis exchange. Last but not least, workshops, competitions and after-parties will also be prepared.

See you!

Trade show description
What can we look forward to?

Structure of the cannabis expo

An event with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere focusing on individual branches of the cannabis sector. Cultural, educational and sales events for the general and professional public, long-term cannabis fans and traders from the field.


  • Cultivation and propagation of plants / growshop assortment
    • - Indoor / outdoor cultivation
    • - Substrates, media, fertilizers
    • - Hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics
    • - Supplements and plant protection
    • - Harvesting, storage, curing
  • Cannabis seeds and seedlings
    • - Certified seeds
    • - Cannabis clones / seedlings
    • - Souvenirs
  • Harvest and post-production
    • - Machines and processing
    • - Analytical and laboratory services
    • - Laboratory and hobby methods of extraction
    • - Production and development of products
  • Hemp products
    • - Hemp ointments and cosmetics
    • - Dietary Supplements
    • - Food and CBD products
    • - Veterinary means
  • Smoke zone
    • - Vaporization
    • - Glass Art, dabbing & 710 art
    • - Smoking accessories and gadgets
  • Other assortment
    • - Hemp textiles, accessories
    • - Souvenirs and gifts
  • Civic activities
    • - Unions, associations
    • - Nonprofit organizations
    • - Petition stands
  • Self-medication vs. prescription cannabis
    • - Expert consultations
    • - Production of hemp ointment
  • Cannabis cultivation
    • - Education, grow-how
    • - Hobby / Profi
  • Legislation and cannabis
    • - Legalization and regulated market
    • - Growing cannabis
    • - Justice defense
  • Civic activities
    • - Associations, societies
    • - Petition stands
  • Magazines, books, documents, tips&tricks
  • Production of hemp ointment
  • Extraction (solvent / solventless)
  • Plant cloning
  • Mixing hemp concrete
Conference and education
Conference and education
  • Lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Legislative changes
  • Presentation of news
Hemp Exchange
Hemp Exchange
  • Wholesale contacts
  • Retail sales
  • Sharing know-how / grow-how
  • Cooperation and opportunities
Animals and cannabis
Animals and cannabis
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Cannabis as food
  • Dust-free bedding
Entertainment and program
Entertainment and program
  • Music stage and accompanying program
    • - Competitions
    • - Raffle
    • - Cannabis cup
    • - Fun performances
    • - Lectures
    • - Tastings
  • Urban sport zone
    • - Sports challenges
    • - Skateboard contest
    • - Graffiti jam
  • Chillout zone
    • - Sitting and relaxing
    • - Children's corner with babysitting
  • Afterparty at Club Marley

Main programme 2023


Terra Aquatica Music&Fun stage 2023


Event partners

Main partner

Czech CBD
Premium CBD cannabis products of own production

General partner

Bulk Seed Bank
A seed bank with a wide selection of seeds

Grow-how partner

Specialized nutrients, additives and substrates

Cannabis cup partner

Rolls Smart Filters
Filters for herbal blends and medical cannabis

Urban zone partner

Premium CBD products and lifestyle brand

Music stage partner

Terra Aquatica
Fertilizers, additives and hydroponic systems

Relax zone partner

Premium CBD products from Czech farmers

After-party partner

Cannabis Social&Medical Club

Konopex List

Event partners

Tickets 2023

Tickets price list

You can buy tickets online in presale and on the spot on the days of the KONOPEX Expo. Visitors over 65 yrs, disabled persons and children under 13 (accompanied by a responsible person) have free entry.

The surroundings and the outdoor program are accessible without a ticket. Only entrance to the interior is charged. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside.

Free ticket

Free of charge

  • Seniors 65 yrs+
  • Disability
  • Children under 13 years old (accompanied)


  • The outdoor spaces are free of charge


Online Pre-sale

From 4 €

  • One-day ticket – 4 €
  • Three-day ticket – 8 €
  • Group discount, one-day ticket (3+1 free) – 12 €
  • Group discount, three-day ticket (3+1 free) – 24 €


First wave of pre-sale. Prices are valid
until December 1, 2023


Buy a ticket
At the venue

From 8 €

  • One-day ticket – 8 €
  • Three-day ticket – 12 €
Important info

Where to find us?


Triple Hall Karolina complex

Trojhalí 3361/5 (navigation)

702 00 Moravská Ostrava


GPS: 49°49'49.158"N, 18°17'0.530"E

🔎 Venue virtual tour


FRIDAY 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.
SATURDAY  11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
SUNDAY 11 a.m. – 4:20 p.m.
Accommodation nearby

Discounted accommodation options

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Hotel Stračena City

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Czech Cannabis TV
heartthrobs fighters great top the best
Šárka Matonoha Purmenská
The beer is awesome 😋
Martin Newman
the best the best event far and wide
Buči Hudec
I can't fault anything, top event
Jan Juhas
Great event, I haven't missed a year yet, I highly recommend it!🙂
Ája Jaroslava Dvořáková
I would like to thank Paul for taking care of me when I had questions about cannabis, I really appreciate it 🙂🍀