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The seventh annual cannabis fair and festival is taking place on 26–28 April 2024 in Ostrava. The traditional spring event KONOPEX is moving to a larger venue – the Triple Hall Karolina. Around a hundred exhibitors from the Czech Republic and abroad are set to arrive in Ostrava on the last weekend of April. They are all united by cannabis and its versatile properties.

Three days of intense attention dedicated to the most versatile and most talked about plant. Cannabis is rightly called the plant of the future, offering many benefits and incentives for research. Known for its significant potential in medicine, it can yield beneficial dietary supplements and superfoods, and produce functional cosmetics and dermatological products suitable for both humans and animals. Properties proven over centuries and uses in the textile and paper industry, in construction (for concrete, insulation, gaskets, ropes, paints/varnishes), as well as in the automotive industry and many other fields are stimulating the curiosity and interest of all generations. As more and more senior citizens and patients are interested in and using cannabis, people over 65 or holders of ZTP (severe health disability) card get free admission.

Larger space and more exhibitors from home and abroad

Because of the move to larger premises, we can look forward to flashier displays and more exhibitors, both local and international. Of course, there will be cannabis seeds and seedlings, growshop assortments, and equipment for growing and processing. There will also be growers as well as processors and producers of cannabis ointments, cosmetics, food, and various other products related to this plant.

Seeds, seedlings, equipment, hemp products, and extraction

Fans of the 420&710 community will enjoy all kinds of gadgets and smoking supplies, artistic hand-blown glass, and supplementary and essential accessories for solvent or solventless extraction. A very popular stand also gives you an indicative analysis of cannabis or cannabis products while you wait.

The popular lecture part of the fair will also be much bigger. You will hear a lot of interesting information and news about growing, processing, legislation, and the use of cannabis in medical practice, self-medication, food, industry, and veterinary medicine. It will offer more seats and a comfortable Vapo & Medical zone nearby. There it will be possible to try different types of vaporizers and to consult experts in vaping and cannabis treatment in general.

Lectures, consultations, an accompanying programme, workshops and the cannabis cup

Of course there will be an accompanying programme, music, entertaining performances, workshops, a prize-packed raffle, themed competitions, the popular cannabis cup, and also an evening afterparty. The workshops are interesting for their practical side and visitors can get a closer look at how hemp concrete is mixed, how ointments are made, or how plants are propagated. Another workshop is dedicated to a popular topic: extraction methods and material preparation.

Hundreds of thousands of people grow or use cannabis

The cannabis sector is booming in Europe and the Czech Republic is among the most progressive EU countries. Legislation and conditions are improving in the industrial, medical, and recreational use of cannabis. In addition to the recent increase of the THC limit to 1% in hemp, preparations are also underway for legislation to introduce a regulated market which should include the possibility of self-growing or cannabis social clubs.
The Czech Republic is a cannabis superpower – it is an open secret that everyone knows someone who grows or has grown cannabis. It grows everywhere – in the gardens, on windows and balconies of hobby growers and patients helped by cannabis.


  • Visitors over 65 yrs
  • Holders of ZTP (severe health disability) or ZTP/P (severe health disability requiring special care / needing special assistance) card (plus assistant)
  • Children under 13 (accompanied by a responsible person)


Tickets can be purchased in presale or at the venue (payment by cash or card).

We look forward to you! 🌱

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