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A pleasant change is planned for the upcoming seventh edition of the KONOPEX Expo 2024 – the event will grow again and move to a larger hall.

We are moving, but KONOPEX Expo will remain in the Triple Hall Karolina complex. We have held the last two editions in the historic building of the electricity stuff and, with the next seventh edition, the entire exhibition will move to a larger part of the complex, which is called the Double Hall or also the covered square.

This will make it possible to implement larger and more attractive expositions for exhibitors and partners. Among other things, the lecture area will also be much larger and more comfortable, which will be linked to the Medical and Vaporization Zone, where it will be possible to find a moment for rest, relaxation, or consultation. With the move to the larger one, the event and the whole concept will again get a slightly different touch and, above all, excellent conditions for visitors and exhibitors.

Are you interested in where KONOPEX Expo 2024 will take place and what it looks like there? Triple Hall Karolina has a well-designed virtual tour of the interior and surroundings of the fair.

KONOPEX Outdoor Urban Zone

The accompanying program will, of course, also take place outdoors in the surrounding area of the festival grounds. The great news is also the completion of the long-running construction of the attractive Organica building and the creation of a pleasant park full of greenery nearby.

We are looking forward to another fragrant weekend in Ostrava city! 👋

7th edition of the cannabis festival
26–27–28 April 2024
Czech Republic / Ostrava / Trojhalí Karolina

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