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We are happy! CANNA, a leading manufacturer of specialized nutrients and substrates for growing your favorite plants in hydroponics and soil, has confirmed its participation.

The CANNA company has an extensive scientific background, and besides quality products, it also relies on communication, sharing experiences, and educating growers, not only enthusiasts and hobby growers. They provide their grow-how and support even in professional facilities with the strictest requirements for the quality of the grown material.

For the upcoming 7th edition of the KONOPEX Trade Show, CANNA is planning an exhibition in the hall and the outdoor area too. Weather permitting, we can once again look forward to the sightseeing hot-air balloon, which was the top attraction of last year's 6th edition of the KONOPEX in Ostrava city.

An excellent opportunity for all growers will also be the opportunity to meet Pieter Klaassen, a scientist, master grower, and professional consultant with 34 years of experience in plant research and cultivation. Pieter is a friendly chap with the supernatural ability to simply explain and fix tricky problems with your plants.

What can we look forward to?

  • In cases of favorable weather, sightseeing flights by hot-air balloon.
  • Balloon flight contests, merch, promo gifts, a photo wall, and more.
  • Source water analysis (bring your water sample).
  • CANNA Grow-How and Workshop Zone
  • Possibility of a consultation with Pieter Klaassen (scientist, master grower, professional consultant, 34 years of experience).
  • Lectures, questions, and answers.


The participation of the Dutch brand CANNA will please all growers who are looking for information and knowledge, as well as adventurers who like fun and adrenaline.
Below are links to CANNA's social media and website for helpful tips, advice, and articles on growing and protecting plants.


Also, look at the CANNA report from the 6th edition of the KONOPEX Expo 2023 and remind yourself of the great atmosphere in the center of Ostrava city.

We are looking forward to another fragrant weekend in Ostrava city! 👋

7th edition of the cannabis festival
26–27–28 April 2024
Czech Republic / Ostrava / Trojhalí Karolina

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